Well, just as Wales is coming out of our Firebreak Lockdown England goes into a month long Lockdown. It appears that in the outdoor industry we simply can't get any momentum going. There was work available in late summer and early autumn but these successive autumn/winter lockdowns have once again killed of the chance for people to get out and enjoy the outdoors and instructors, like myself, to earn our crust.

The winter season is usually thin for work in the outdoors anyway but this year there wasn't enough available during the peak season (April to October) to see us through the quieter months. Thankfully, the Government has now extended the Self Employed Income Support Scheme through till the end of February when hopefully the country will be starting to get back on its feet.

Being without work does not mean one should lay idle. Any professional person should always seek to maintain or improve their knowledge in order not to suffer from 'skills decay'. This means I'll be climbing and getting in as many mountain days as I can from Monday 9th onwards, practising all the tools and skills that I need to keep me safe in the mountains and on the crags.

In the meantime, if you live in Wales, I have plenty of time to teach new skills so if you're looking to get outdoors climbing or walking in the mountains then contact me!

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