Big Skies

I admit to having a few 'favourite months', April being one of them. I know the temperatures can be all over the place, this weekend just gone for example, cold winds but warm sunshine making it difficult to choose what clothing to wear. But, April never appears to fail when it comes to April Showers and 'Big Skies' with Cumulus Nimbus brewing up, seemingly expanding their mass into the stratosphere. These last few days were just that, Big Skies.

Looking south west across the North Pembroke countryside from the summit of Foel Eryr (Place of the Eagle), with its 4,000 year old Burial Chamber located on the summit, in the Preseli Hills.

Staying down North Pembroke we decided, finally (they'd been on my hit list for years), to walk on the Preseli Hills and as usual in 'Wild Wales' they lived up to expectations.

We walked along most of the 'The Golden Road' which crosses the spine of the Preseli range. It dates back 5,000 years and at its highest point (and on a clear day) you can see as far as Ireland. We didn't get to see Ireland but we could see Lundy Island way out off the coast of Devon.

North Pembrokeshire exudes history and none more so than the Preseli Hills. It's where the Bluestones for Stonehenge were thought to have been quarried. We certainly got a wonderful primeval feeling of connection to the land as we walked. The weather was typical of April with some heavy snow showers interspersed with spells of warm sunshine making for perfect walking weather.

Views towards Fishguard as a snow shower passes.

Our first day we spent climbing at Porthclais and finished it off with a coastal stroll to watch the sun set. However, the stroll soon turn into a 10km walk as we walked further and further around the coastline to get a better view and eventually found ourselves looking out across the tidal race (The Bitches) between the mainland and Ramsay Island where we finally got our perfect sun set views.

The sun sets behind Ramsey Island after a great days climbing.

Once again, Wild Wales delivered the goods. With this years 'staycations' becoming more and more likely I expect we'll be looking to discover more out of the way places in our own back yard.

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