The only way is up!

Welcome to my website!

Well, I guess these are unconventional times to be starting a business. Today Wales starts a two week Lockdown in order to suppress the infection rate of Covid 19 and today is the day my website goes live. I therefore can't help but muse over the thought that 'the only way is up' accurately describes my position.

It's always a nervous experience starting a business, but probably more so at the present time. I can remember back when I was in my early 20's and I started a custom surf board business, 'Heavy Session Surfboards'. When my first customer phoned to place an order for a board I thought it was one of my friends winding me up. The poor guy on the phone said afterwards he thought I wasn't going to sell him one!

However, even though times are difficult, I'm a bit older and wiser than I was back then and feel a bit more confident in what I can offer to people starting out on my own again as a business. As you mature it takes a little while for you to believe that the experience, skills and expertise you've accumulated over the years are worth something, not just in a monetary way but also from a 'give something back' perspective.

From my work as a Freelance Outdoor Instructor I can tell you there's nothing more satisfying than sharing that experience and expertise with other people and the feeling that comes with seeing someone use that knowledge and 'run with it'.

Once this short Lockdown is over I'm very much looking forward to showing people the skills they need to climb, navigate or just plain enjoy themselves in the Outdoors. Until then I await, with nervous trepidation, my first customers and of course . . . . . . keep safe all.

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