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I've been fairly obsessed about the outdoors since an early age with an initial love of nature and the environment. However, living on the coast here in South Wales exposed me to the excitement and romance of the sea and I soon took up Surfing as a hobby. Surfing took me to many places around the UK and the rest of the world both competing in competitions and recreational surfing holidays. 

I drifted away from surfing for a time and took up trekking and mountaineering before focusing on rock climbing as a way of getting my 'outdoor fix'. A love of the mountains has enabled me to once again travel the world in search of top climbing venues and pristine environments in which to enjoy life. 

I now work as an Outdoor Instructor providing certified instruction for a number of outdoor activities. Click on the above links to read more about each activity and course dates etc. 



“Giles is a knowledgable, friendly instructor who is great with all age groups. Highly recommended!”

CJ Griffiths

“Giles is a top instructor! You wont be disappointed if you book a course with him.”

Sal Haines-Hanham

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